Saved From Myself

I can't say enough about Disk Warrior. On the surface of it, it seems like a pretty simple tool, and one might find it easy to dismiss it by saying to oneself, "Hey, this thing costs me a hard earned Benjamin, and it pretty much only does one thing, rebuild disk directories." Maybe. But it only took about the second time a borrowed Disk Warrior CD saved my tuckus for me to echo the words of Will Smith from movie "Independence Day."

"I got to get me one of THESE!"

Since I bought my copy a few years ago, I've brought disks or missing folders back from the dead at least a half dozen times. I've taken my Disk Warrior CD to the homes of friends and family members with ailing Macs and walked away a hero at least that many times. Like Macs, it just WORKS.

But as good as Disk Warrior is, Alsoft Tech Support is even better.

A while back, I had a disk fail to mount after what appeared to be a graceful restart. Out came Disk Warrior, and for the first time in my experience . . . it failed. The error message that followed the unsuccessful attempt suggested I contact Alsoft Tech Support. "No promises," the message indicated, "but they may be able to help."

After exchanging a few emails, I ended up on iChat with Marc from Alsoft. I didn't expect a lot and thought I would soon be running a very slow command line tool I found a month or so ago that recovered a lot of photo files I mistakenly deleted over my network. But after pasting a half dozen or so Terminal commands sent to me my Marc, the disk mounted. All data was intact.

I'm usually pretty good about keeping stuff backed up, but the irony in this case is that this disk contained the files I recovered after my network delete mishap, and they had not yet been backed up.

A big hats off to Alsoft and Marc for saving that body part where the Good Lord split me.

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