A (poorly chosen) word from our (non-)sponsor

Thus far, I've said "pass" on the iPhone and iPod Touch. While they both appear to kick major boot-TAY as a portable music, video, and game platform, I have been waiting for the ability to actually do something productive on one. Top of my list would be the ability to edit a spreadsheet. "On the go" notation of metadata text via pen and paper is one of the main ways I keep post-shooting keyword entry from taking an insane amount of my time. If I could dump this information from an electronic device into my Mac when I get back to the office, it would save me a fair amount of keyboarding.

For this reason, I've been checking back with the Mariner Calc people from time to time as they have for several months been working on an iPhone app to read and, more importanty, edit the Excel spreadsheet format. A blog post I recently read brought this app back to the forefront of my mind and prompted a check of the Mariner Calc for iPhone page for an update.

On my arrival, I was shaken by this grammatical night-sweat (pasted here verbatim on the off-chance I or someone else shames them into fixing it before you read this):

"Thank you for your interest in Mariner Calc for iPhone. As of 1/1/09, we have went through five rounds of internal beta testing and have released Beta 3 to our Ad Hoc Beta team."

Editing an Excel spreadsheet might be the "funnest" thing ever for a metadata geek like me. (Apple Marketing Department? I'll deal with you later.) But I hope Mariner's software development chops are better than their writing. Otherwise, my interest in their product "has went" downhill considerably. While a grammar goof on the web page is not a fair indicator of product quality, it reflects poorly on the company's professionalism.

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