Feelin' my way around.

Here's the obligatory, "I'm new to blogging and this is my first post" post.

Men of great wisdom and coarse social graces have opined, "An opinion is like an @$$hole. Everybody's got one." The same might be said of blogs. Seems like, these days, everybody's got one, whether they have anything of substance to say or not.

I've resisted blogging because I try to keep myself disabused of any notion that the world at large give a rat's about what I think. Especially about politics, which is the topic of obession for far too many blogs, as far as I'm concerned. I'm on the fence at this time if blogging will become a daily or weekly avocation for me, or just a short term experiment in communication surrounding an upcoming happening in my life. Which brings me to. . .

The reason I've started this blog is to share with family, friends, clients, etc., my experiences on my upcoming trip to Peru (and I'm not talking about Peru, Indiana). I should have other methods of communication at my disposal, but this will be one more backstop so I can stay in touch should other media fail. And I can try this diary/journaling thing of which so many people I respect (including my wife) speak so highly.

The purpose of my trip is to accompany members of the IUPUI (Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis) Men's Basketball team on a trip to distribute shoes collected for charity in association with the Samaritan's Feet organization. IUPUI coach Ron Hunter gained national notoriety when he coached a game in bare feet to call attention to the fact that many children in poor countries go shoeless, something most of us can hardly even imagine outside of a short walk off the front porch to pick up the morning paper.

Here following will be a chronicle of the happenings on the trip and my impressions of a country which will no doubt be in many ways alien to my existence thus far. This will be my first foray outside the United States. At the time I began my career as a photojournalist in the late 80's, I assumed world travel would be a logical outcome of that profession in fairly short order, so I find myself a bit dismayed it has taken until the age of 43 for this to finally happen. It took a while, but the photography profession has finally led me to take wing to foreign shores.

The trip runs from July 24 thru August 4, and this will be the space to watch for those who wish to peruse my humble musings.

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